Tuesday, 2 January 2018

#RalphSays - Happy New Year from the Auld Yin

#RalphSays - Happy New Year from the Auld Yin

Here we are - it's a new year! Here's to a better 2018. It's been a bit quiet since Thanksgiving because life and illness got in the way. 

RST has been a bit more active on things like the Ralph Says Things FB page (did you see the Facebook lives? The first one is here and the second is here

Been somewhat quiet on the Ralph Says Things Instagram and Twitter...but now that the New Year is under way, it's time to get back into the swing of things on Ralph's blog.

New Year New Home

By the beginning of December Ralph was officially moved into his new home at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz.

It sounds way more cool and glam than it actually is, but it's none-too-shabby. He finds his neighbours to be rather friendly. By "neighbours",  I mean the squirrels...

Here's a little example of one of the scoundrels. We reckon the most ballsy one is Bruiser. He really is a bossy boots. Well we assume it's a "he" it can be hard to tell by the untrained eye.

The neighbours keep ole Ralph on his toes and keep him company at the same time. We're looking to get a feeder for them and some appropriate food. He loves these guys and talks to them and about them daily.

New Designs on Red Bubble

We're continually adding some new artwork to the Ralph Says Things Red Bubble store. We are open to ideas for designs too - if you want to suggest one or even make one. 

The idea behind Ralph Says Things is to not only make him a little bit of money but to have something to focus on. To say he's a bit bored with life would be an understatement. So this little project is an attempt to give him something to think about. This and the squirrels that is.

There is the Never Under Estimate an Old Man From New England design.

There is also the newly uploaded Auld Yin design - which is available on a wide array of products! Auld Yin is Scots for Old Person. Old Man. Old Woman. Old Parent. It can also mean the Devil but usually in a more playful sort of way I believe. The only way I'd mean it if if I called my dad that, that's for sure!

The one I will be getting next is the old man's face.

Ralph Says Things - Oh that Face!
As you can see, it too is on a wide array of products on his shop. That makes it hard to design which to go for!

Thank You for Following RST

If you haven't already then please follow Ralph Says Things on Social Media - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Though he doesn't really understand it all, he does rather get a kick out of hearing from his followers! So do reach out and don't be shy. 

Ralph will delighting his followers with his quirky words of wisdom in 2018.

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