Thursday, 23 November 2017

#RalphSays - Happy Thanksgiving, Live & Kicking

#RalphSays - Happy Thanksgiving

Hello friends, family, followers and whoever else there is out there that's reading this. There's been a lot happening here in California - since being reunited. It's been a time of boxing, dumping, donating, sifting and sorting. It's been exhausting and stressful. Ralph is feeling terribly depressed about it all which is totally understandable. 

Ralph Says Things - Live on Facebook

Ralph has been sharing his thoughts, wisdom and randomness on Facebook Lives. Two have been done so far. The first of which has had over 1100 views which is not too bad for a first broadcast. It's had dozens of comments and a few shares. On the FB live, Ralph answered some questions about a dream date, about life wisdom which have already been turned into Red Bubble Designs. (Live Without Anchors he says)

Today's Thanksgiving Live

Today we fired up to do another one (annoying thumbnail for the video which I wish we could change). Anyway, in this LIVE, Ralph says how he ended up in California, due to a practical joke. Funny where the path of life takes us...

On today's broadcast I also asked for some help. Ralph needs a new PC and iPad. So we either need someone to give him an old one, show us where we can get a cheaper one, or throw a buck or pound to the cause and we'll go get him one next week.

It's a little depressing to see how little our attention spans are (people watching about 1:14 of a 15 minute video).


Thanks for being here. 

If you wish to support ole Ralph, there are a number of ways you can do so - you can make a donation in any amount, via PayPal (or contact me for other ways if you don't want to do PayPal). You can shop or you can follow (details below)

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