Friday, 11 August 2017

#RalphSays - #JSSAMO - Just Say Sh*t and Move On

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#RalphSays - #JSSAMO 

So #RalphSays - #JSSAMO...but what's it all mean? Ralph turned to me some months back and says, "I've created a shortcut". he paused realising that was not the right word...

"A shortcut?" not following his line of discussion.

"A hashtag?" I eventually asked.

"Yeah that...Want to know what it is?"

I nodded.

"JSSAMO" he spelled out slowly.

I continued to stare blankly not even attempting to guess what it means.

"Want to know what it means?"

Naturally, I did, so affirmed that to be the case...

"Just say shit and move on".

He laughed - obviously quite proud of himself.

Turning JSSAMO Into Merchandise

For weeks, we've been talking 'bout t-shirts and various things that we could sell under the #RalphSays banner. Ralph played along to a point and then simply said "The only shirt I want is with #JSSAMO on it."

Fair enough...My old man asks for very little, so when he actually states something he wants clearly, I do try to make it a simple #JSSAMO design was born. It was then uploaded to a few places but no efforts have been made to really promote them as such.

After the design was made it was uploaded to a variety of places - including Cafepress and Zazzle. A few products were ordered, such as the pyjamas, a travel mug and long-sleeve shirt. The items will arrive today in California via his CP store. It's a surprise. Can't wait to see his little ole face! Via Zazzle, ordered some stickers too. Those should be fun.

Not to be left out, I quickly uploaded the #jssamo design to VistaPrint, so I could order myself a mug, baseball hat and a long-sleeved t-shirt too. These arrived yesterday and were shared on the Ralph Says Instagram...How fun is that?

Slowly Getting Somewhere

The social media channels are slowly building and we're up to almost 90 "fans" on the Ralph Says FB page. That's awesome. He's pleased - even though he doesn't really know what it all means. Took some time to edit a one-minute video so you can get a "feel" for who Ralph his own words and humour.

Well that's all for this wee update. Took me a bit longer to post this than I'd liked (or promised) but as I mentioned I only got the goods last night and his arrive today so I was waiting for them.

Until next time lovelies...Thanks for stopping by.

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