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#RalphSays - There's No Place Like Home - Time to Move

#RalphSays - There's No Place Like Home - Time to Move

So it's that time. This week, Ralph will be giving notice on the home he's lived in for the last ten years, and moving into something altogether much more small.

Truth be told it's a little heartbreaking for me...Most people, it seems, go up in the world. When they move it's usually to bigger places, but ever since the '80s, each time Ralph has moved, it's to a place that is smaller one than the one before. For a man who's worked hard his whole life, that is the part that I am having trouble with. More trouble than I think he is about it.

Ralph's taking it all in stride. He's come to terms with the fact he's not able to work so much, make much money, drive himself anywhere or do much of anything. That time, I suppose, if we are lucky to live that long comes to all of us...

These days, he spends much of his time streaming TV show in a binge-like-fashion. So it doesn't matter where he calls "home".

This time next month he'll be in his new abode. It's not going to be the easiest of months, but once he's in, he's in.

In the meantime we're scraping together some funds to cover rent on both places. That's a stress in and of itself. Feel free to make a donation to Ralph's Moving Fund here (any amount would be fine - even a buck or two!)

Old Man Walking

To turn to slightly more cheery subjects - Ralph's walking.

Bought him a Fitbit for Christmas and he didn't much give a crap, to be honest.

It's often the case when buying something for Ralph. He gets presents and he's not too fussed.

You should have seen how nonchalant he was when got his iPad. It was the textbook definition of apathy or ambivalence - until a week later when it was his new best friend.

Well the Fitbit took slightly longer for him to come around to, but he finally has.

I'd set his daily steps for 2000 at a time he was probably doing 400 (Bed - Bathroom - Kitchen - Repeat). During my last visit however, we put the Fitbit in his sock and now, low and behold, he's a changed man.

He checks his stats daily and tells me to. He's doing those 2000 steps pretty regularly. Not bad for an ole fella.

It's been quite the journey to get here, but he's doing it and I am so proud. (Next trip it's going up to 3000 or even 4000...)

Who knows, maybe in his new neighbourhood, he'll find a walking buddy? I live in hope...

#RalphSays - Old's Cool (He'd Know)

This week a teacher friend called Jane bought a couple of the Ralph Says "Old's Cool" spiral notebooks off of Ralph Says Things on Red Bubble.

Her notebooks are in "charcoal" - not navy - as pictured above.

As she gave me cash to order her notebooks for her, I thought to myself, "Hmm, I think I'll pick myself up an Old's Cool t-shirt". I've been wanting to buy one for ages. I specifically wanted something long-sleeve and black, so I could wear under things...

This is what I got. I can't wait to see it - in a week or two.

Ralph Says "Old's Cool" - on Red Bubble

It's my newer version of his Old's Cool shirt - this time with a white frame around it. ' Sure it's simple but effective, at least in my own opinion...

What do I know? I'm not a designer, only a daughter trying to help support her dear old dad...

#RalphSays - "Thank You" to John Clark

On the last Ralph Says post it was Joan from JL Formulations who shared pictures of her cool Ralph Says Swag.

This week it's a big Ralph Says "thank you" to John for showing off his two, new Ralph Says shirts! John kindly picked up No Desire to Retire and Young @ Heart last month.

We reckon he wears it well, don't you think? Thanks so much JC. You're a pal!

We appreciate the support people! If you've bought any Ralph Says Swag on Red Bubble, then please share it with us...Remember it's not just apparel, it's stationery, bags, device covers, home decor and much more!

Also please pop by the RST Facebook page - as there are updated posts daily, and FB being FB doesn't always show the posts to its "fans"...

It's also where we'll be doing FB lives soon.

Thanks for stopping by whoever you are, wherever you are...

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