Wednesday, 18 October 2017

#RalphSays - Shop on Red Bubble to Support Ralph!

#RalphSays - Shop on Red Bubble to Support Ralph!

So #RalphSays - Shop on Red Bubble to Support Ralph....Ralph's got all kinds of original "Swag" on his Red Bubble store. The "swag" includes things like  T-shirts, Hoodies, Clocks, Stationery, Stickers, Mugs, Cushions, Clocks, Wall Art and so much more. Why? To help Ralph that's why. 

Consider it a bit of charity for someone who's probably worse off than you.

A few posts back on this blog, there was a post about Ralph going mobile...

Well, he'll be giving notice on his current residence soon, and moving to Santa Cruz to be nearer daughter number 2. He'll need to pay rent on both places for November...which is worrying.

To be honest, he's taking it mostly in stride, but it must be incredibly stressful and depressing to even consider...not only the move but the lack of money.
#JSSAMO - Just Say Shit and Move On

Cue: #RalphSays

Why even launch #RalphSays? I've mentioned it before, but you may not have seen it here...It's not just to get him some much-needed cash, but to give him something to focus on. 

Ralph, now in his 80s would still work every day if he could. Without that focus, he gets depressed (who wouldn't?) 

So it was my intention to create a little brand around him to give him some purpose.

Sitting around hoping to win the lottery isn't the best strategy to run out one's days. The odds of winning, in whatever country we're in, are slim to nil. Of course people do win - in most draws but the odds are stacked against us.

Better to create a business, or write a novel (he's working on one slowly but surely) or take some sort of action. So that's why #RalphSays...

Are You Creative?

We'd love to work with anyone who wants to create some unique t-shirts for Ralph Says Things. We'd be happy to split any royalties made. We just need some designs beyond my simple efforts. I'm not a designer but I am doing what I said above, taking action.

So if you're good at design, and want to help an octogenarian out, then give us a shout! We'd love to collaborate with you...

That's All for This Update

Time to crack on with real work...Thank you all for your support of Ralph. We appreciate it so much. You don't have to buy anything, even liking, commenting, sharing posts/tweets etc will help. Or sharing any content of old people with us by tagging us in what you come across.

Follow Ralph Says Things

To lend your support to Ralph you can follow Ralph Says Things on any of the following social media channels:

Ralph Says Things - Facebook
Ralph Says Things Twitter

NOTE: I've decided not to link to Cafe Press anymore and focus on Red Bubble. Have any t-shirt ideas, or want to do a joint venture design, then please let me know by commenting here.

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