Saturday, 22 July 2017

#RalphSays - "Old's Cool"

#RalphSays - "Old's Cool"

So hopefully you read the first post, the Birth of #RalphSays here, but if not, then please do, or you won't know what we're trying to do here...

So slowly this week, it's about social media and websites. There is now a new (renamed) #RalphSays Twitter profile here...and a Facebook page which was recently unveiled. Was trying to build it up a bit before promoting it. Always best to have some content there so people don't land on an empty page. There is now an Instagram profile with the same name - Ralph Says Things.

In addition to these social media channels, there was an attempt to create some CafePress shop designs - solely to sell some #RalphSays merch. It was all going pretty well there for a while, but with an erroneous click of a button, (after hours of work yesterday), whoosh the whole store disappeared. Damn it.

So yeah, it was necessary to abandon that, temporarily (it's live now though) and then head out to an event in town and begin anew somewhere else today....

Cue: Red Bubble. 

#RalphSays "Old's Cool" on RedBubble

Lots of research has been conducted to find somewhere to sells some goodies and RedBubble was a name that kept coming up. So now there is the birth of an actual #RalphSays store on RedBubble. Not sure it will work at all but it's there, and there are all kinds of "Old's Cool" items - not just shirts. We'll just have to see if ole Ralph gets any traction. Check out how it looks at the moment. Looks legit, don't ya think?

He's old and he's cool - so the first ever #RalphSays design is fitting on many levels (pun intended). 

By the way if you're more of a "Yoga Lover", then you might prefer to check out the yoga-inspired goodies...

Remember all royalties from all sales are going toward ole Ralph to help keep living in his own place.

Your purchases will make a difference to him! Thanks in advance!

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