Saturday, 9 September 2017

Ralph's Been Horsing Around

Ralph's Been Horsing Around

Welcome back's the weekend and time for another quick Ralph Says update...We've sold some more shirts, shared some more pics and even managed to get ole Ralph down to Morgan Hill for a little Equine Therapy. We'll start with his beloved hashtag...#JSSAMO.

#RalphSays - "#JSSAMO - Is The Answer"

Ralph likes to say that his very own hashtag is the "answer" to everyone's communication problems, or more specifically, inter-personal, relationship problems.

Too often people hold on to things, let them fester, stress them out, and really Ralph says the best solution is to "Just Say Shit and Move On"...

Easy for an 80-something year old man to do, perhaps, but admittedly a little harder for the rest of us mere mortals, right?

Still Ralph's wisdom must be catching on because...

We Sold Another #JSSAMO T-shirt!

It's exciting when t-shirt orders come in. We don't really know who they're coming in from, as such, ...But the other day, a #JSSAMO t-shirt was sold, and I was later alerted to the fact that, it was a friend and supporter of the Ralph Says cause - Andrea. She bought it as a gift for a friend - because it sounded like something he'd say, apparently.

Thanks Andrea, we're delighted about this latest sale. And we hope your friend likes his shirt. Let us know. Maybe try to get him to take a pic in it. That would be amazing!

Speaking of the hashtag t-shirts, here's Ralph on one of the hottest days of the year - wearing his own JSSAMO t-shirt via CafePress.

#RalphSays "#JSSAMO" - which is "Just Say Shit and Move On"

Horsing Around in Morgan Hill 

Yesterday Ralph got up early (by his standards) and his daughter Wendy came and picked him up, and drove him down to One Step Closer Therapeutic Riding, Inc in Morgan Hill. 

One Step Closer is an equine place that does "Adaptive Horseback Riding for people with special needs. Equine-Assisted-Therapy for U.S. Veterans." 

This wee trip was arranged by his VA Recreational Therapist, Carmel. To be honest, both Wendy and myself were way more excited about this #RalphDoes adventure than ole Ralph was...but we knew, full well, that he would enjoy it way more than he was expecting to, and of course we were right.

He did enjoy himself. He got to wear his new long sleeve, navy blue #JSSAMO shirt and his JSSAMO travel mug even made an appearance this time too!

And if all that wasn't enough, he got to hang out with this little guy for a wee while too. How cute are these two?

Anyway, I believe the biggest downside of the day, (apart from having to wake early after not falling asleep until 5am, apparently) was that Ralph forgot his Fitbit, and so has no idea how many steps he managed. He reckons "a few thousand".

So that was Equine Therapy yesterday...What do you think we should make Ralph DO next? Let us know! Also what do you think of the pictures? Thanks to Wendy for taking them!

Help Ralph Says Things

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We also have stuff up on Zazzle but they were so slow with my own order, I'll be promoting them too much!

Finally if you don't want to follow or buy anything for Ralph you can help us out by sharing any cool content (using #RalphSays) that you come across - of old people disrupting ageing, or as I like to say, "Old people doing cool shit". (You can see I take after my father with that poddy mouth).

On that note, I'm Thea saying "see ya"...

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